Nearshore Outsourcing

IT2Xtreme connects you with the talent necessary to build a stronger, more agile business.

Building a Stronger Team

At IT2Xtreme, we believe that business success requires the right talent in the right places within your organization. That can be challenging, particularly for SMBs. Our nearshore outsourcing service connects you with talented, educated, highly-trained specialists ideally suited to help you achieve vital goals, foster growth, and build a stronger business.

We take the worry and ambiguity out of outsourcing by connecting you with fully vetted IT experts. Our onboarding process is exhaustive, and designed to ensure that we only bring aboard the best of the best. Contact us today to get started.

Our Talent Assurance Process

At IT2Xtreme, we use Big Data and Machine Learning to evaluate each candidate prior to hiring them. Not only do we evaluate their IT-related knowledge and aptitudes, but we also verify that they will be a good fit for our organization’s culture, our team, and individual projects. The battery of tests each candidate must complete was developed by leading psychologists, is customized to the individual candidate, and based on a deep AI analysis.

Candidates are also tested live and all interaction is recorded in order to provide greater insight into the candidate’s work style, ability to deal with pressure, and other factors. Finally, we evaluate their performance against AI and Big Data to ensure that the candidate is a perfect fit for you. In addition to our in-depth evaluations, we can also provide a background check if required.

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Driving Your Success with the Right Talent

Building a strong IT team is simpler than you think with our nearshore outsourcing service.


We go to great lengths to ensure that each candidate is perfectly suited to our organization and your team, including background checks and in-depth candidate analysis. Get the peace of mind you deserve with the right team.


Our team members are certified, trained, and educated. When you need IT expertise, whether in AWS, Azure, cloud connectivity, DevOps, or something else, they deliver.


We specialize in helping you build strong, long-lasting teams that support ongoing business success and enable you to achieve better outcomes for your customers or clients.

The Right Skills

We offer talent in specific areas that relate specifically to our company’s specializations. This ensures we can guarantee each candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the field.

Continual Learning

The world of technology is constantly changing, and our team members regularly invest in continuing education and additional professional certifications to stay on the leading edge.

Long-Term Success

We believe that your success hinges on the retaining talent. From our compensation packages to insurance, we take care of our team to retain top talent for the long term.

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